You pinned me to a board

New artwork by me. Drawn in ink and a watercolour wash added. This will be for sale. Please contact me if you would like to buy. image


Rose – Collage for the soul

I love to create collages. I like the aspect of using my drawing skills, combing them with embroidery and words and little patches of fabric.

This one is entitled Rose and she is very beautiful, surrounded by Antique laces. She is mounted onto acid free mount board ready to frame or she can just be left as she is proper up on a table.


IMG_3401This is another collage I made recently, using silk scraps hand sewn onto an antique linen piece with lovely old lace.

ValentineAnd lastly Marie entitled Love You One of my favourite pieces from an early collection

Clara goes black n white

Another Clara hat, this is covered in appliquéd black lace with hand applied beading. I have aded a nice size bow to give height and some extra interest, she really does look quite amazing.


This is a hand beaded onto silk chiffon necklace that I created a few years ago and still looks amazing, Sadly not for sale, although I can happily create a similar one on request.IMG_2784This hat is a one off, unique special. If you would like to purchase please do let me know.

You can even choose the colour of your lining, as I am about to complete, before adding my lovely label.



Hats for spring

Hats for spring, a good title for a new venture.

Having made and created wedding dresses and adornments over many years, I have decided upon a new avenue for my creativity , hats! I adore hats and  really enjoy wearing them.  But each time I have worn one of my little hats, I have been blessed so many good comments and smiles. I have therefore decided to follow this new path. I have a wealth of experience in fashion, couture sewing and of course embellishments, which I can put to very good use.

I admit to doing a short Millinery course many years ago, which helped with my crafting and basics, but originality is all mine ! I have created two little mini hats t0 start with.

  1. Clara, oh such a sweet hat, that sits securely upon your head, and yes I have worn this out a few times and it stays where it should, phew one less obstacle to designing hats!
  2. Clara is made from a hand blocked base, made the proper way, with a silk doupion covering and binding, the colour variety is endless, but the pièce de résistance, is the vintage silk scarf, skilfully sewn into a silk rose. I have also added two silk roses at the side. The hat is lined with a splendid label.    Adorable Clara £185.00



Please let me know your views and of course if you would like to order, I would be immensely proud to create a hat for you.

“Little birds perch, but a hat should sing”

A Little Bird Said

The fragility of lace

The fragility of lace, fragmented by time, reworked into wearable jewellery and adornments.

Antique laces are hand sewn onto the finest pure silk chiffons and embellished with glass beads, pearls & crystals, including demo precious stones, creating unique pieces to treasure.

Each item is entirely hand sewn to preserve the fragility of old laces, preserving them for future generations.

From these antique scraps, I crate necklaces, earrings, adornments, including my Tiaras.

I offer a friendly professional service at all times. Please feel free to contact me with any requests or commissions.

Andrea Hamilton       IMG_2784

Lady Hamilton’s Tiaras

Welcome to my first of many postings.

I have ventured far on my travels and on my return from Venice, I created this sweet almost confectionery delight. The silk roses swirl around the down with divine little crystal flowers on gold stems. The venetians are so Inspiring , the colours, the Munro glass and the delightful canals. This lovely lady reminded me of the colours of the Gondoliers on the canals.IMG_2720

circus girl

This is another little creation. A selection of silks made into two lovely flowers and embellished with glass pearls and crystals. I have attached a short tulle veil to the comb which a slightly fun, sassy appeal for Brides.



Vintage Inspired Tiara

This is one of my favourite Tiaras. A Vintage style with hand worked silk roses, pearls & crystals, semi precious Mother of Pearl stones with a little colour.

If you like any or all of my products and would like one for yourself, then do please contact me. Everything is hand made, so please allow 4-6 weeks. Of course I can do rush orders, but these might cost a little extra. I am already planning my diary for the summer, with so many events it is quite hard to choose which to attained and my poor Smytheson diary is positively groaning!

Bye for now



Tulle: What is our love affair with this fascinating fabric.

Tulle pronounced Tool, takes its name from the French town of Tulle.

In the 1700 the French began to produce a fine knitted net using diagonal mesh.

In the late XIX centaury, the high society tailor Fredrick Worth created a veiled hat using tulle and ballet costumes featured tulle, becoming synonymous of course with the famous tutu, made up of many, many layers of gauzy tulle.


Later in Victorian England Queen Victoria wore a candid, filmy tulle-wedding gown and ever since it had been associated with weddings.

It should be noted however that the ancient Greeks also wore capes of a fine transparent material with an orange blossom arrangement. But the origins have been lost in the mists of time.

Tulle is of course also used in baptism’s, where veils are required and in religious events as decorations., transforming simple doors, Easter eggs etc into wonderfully mysterious pieces.

The veil has its origins in religion and marriage is a religious event, whatever your faith. In pagan times, nature was used in her fullest beauty, juxtaposing elements of plants with available fabrics.

Today we live in a modern all encompassing society and we are able to choose what we desire, we can create the fairytale we dream of.

Tulle is fantasy world, as in a dream, we can only partly see what’s underneath, we float in filmy gauze of imagination, we dance with the stars, we are princesses, and we are free. Every girl dreams of being a ballet dancer, those shoes, the tutu’s, the divine dreamy skirts, but for most it is only a wish. But we never stop wishing do we. Every time we see a catwalk model wearing tulle, we gasp, we want, we love, why, because we are all princesses and we all deserve to be one for the day.

Go ahead and choose your little piece of tulle.


Gypsy Bridal Shoot

Gypsy-inspired boho wedding shoot at Cornish Tipi Weddings. Dress by “A Little Bird Said”. Models Willow and Finn.


We all love Tiaras!

This is one of my latest designs. Beautifully hand made with gold seed beads and swarvoski crystals. Hand bound with green velvet.

I enjoy making Tiaras and am working on some using Vintage finds, some beautiful ceramic flowers, an amazing old brooch and a wonderful spoon with a Mother of Pearl handle. Soo very Alice in Wonderland.

Watch this space.

If anyone would like a Tiara please do contact me. They start at about £100.