The Circus- tattered lace and the freedom to be yourself

circus girl      win  d9c22fdf56985c2cccca1aff1d668f2fThere is something about Red and white stripes that signify excitement, an exhilaration of expectation, the Circus is coming to town. Freedom of thought blowing in the wind, feel the wildness in your soul as you live the life, albeit briefly. A dream  for a few breath taking hours as the show unfolds and you stare in wonder and awe.

We all love the circus, we all dream of being the trapeze artist, flying gracefully above our heads, her costume tantalising us with crystals that sparkle with fairy dust.

A few old favourites – Go and explore life and remember to bring your sparkles of happiness home in a jar !

* Giffords Circus.

* Kneehigh Theatre sublime acting always with a Circus theme

* Hamilton House Bristol The Fashion show 20th/21st November 2015 One to watch!

e8cde4fe647df053667df336161f6e58   8b6f8c86c33d832bee27caea0f6fe71fc2b44ff57e99d351f25fef30d70122c6

Tattered Lace Bring your Gypsy soul back to life with clothes from A Little Bird Said

Exquisitely hand sewn from recycled laces and clothes.

Always different, always beautiful.                  Camisole


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