Upcycled Couture fashions

A Little Bird Said

Couture Upcycled fashions


Our clothing is probably the most intimate external element] of the self. It strongly affects how we feel and see ourselves.

I hope to Inspire others to seek acceptance of themselves and to Identify that what we consume can also be used to create new clothes by empowering ourselves with new found freedom. We each are Individual creatures with our own beliefs, dreams and histories.

To honour the basics of living and the hidden aspects of our souls, we are all born with magic inside us, it is only by looking inside do we discover who we really are.

In the rapidly quickening pace of this age, it often seems that there is barely enough time to breathe, to fit in all the basics of living, let alone finding time to read that book. But with patience we can reclaim time and re discover the hidden elements that make our lives truly vibrant and alive.

Let the spirits of nature cast there spell into our souls and take back our freedom of consciousness.


We are slowly learning to repair clothes again, to stitch back the lost buttons, to heal the little tears with a few delicate stitches, to darn jumpers with care and to love our clothes again.

I collect the lost, the broken and the undiscovered, listening to their stories with gentleness and care and reincarnate them into new forms of art.

Re arranging, cutting and sewing, casting love into their new composition, to make an alchemy of new creations.


The lost and found are now able to walk freely again upon the backs of new owners and proudly present themselves to the world again.

For as long as I can remember I have collected old things, feeling the powerful magnetic pull of past histories waiting to be told.

The histories that life has infused them with makes truly fascinating history, everything has a Provenance it is just waiting to be discovered. Let my clothes whisper their stories to you and feel the happiness as you proudly wear them.


I have been making custom wedding dresses for many years, each as inspiring  and challenging.

I limit the amount I create to just a few per season which allows me to sew my magic into each piece of art.

The creation and process of every dress can take approx. 2-6 months depending on the complexity of the design.

A deposit of half the cost of the dress is payable in advance.

As each dress in unique, I do not replicate others designers dresses.

Reservations are required up to a year in advance.

Progress reports are sent out during the creation process.

Custom Bridal starts from £1300.00

Corset- silks & Antique lace as part of a dress.

1 Statements625      pinafore

Antique laces & Roses             Rose & Silk Tulle


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