Magic in sewing

A few thoughts for the day.

I was asked the other day for my thoughts on magic and mindfulness and sewing.

When we take the time to sit down and untangle ourselves from life’s daily troubles we slowly begin to unravel the threads of stress. we take each piece of thread , slowly threading the needle and starting those first stitches while contemplating the pleasure of sewing. Magic is all around us, it is in our souls, it is in everything we see, it is up to us to look, to open our eyes.

Sometimes when it all gets to much, sit down and start sewing by hand my little projects.

The hand sewn ties and textiles pages for my altered journals, small textile collages from scraps and pleasing lost items.

Often I say a mantra to myself –

I am — a child of the universe

I shall —  Live the life I want to

I will —- be myself

1 Statements580Amore

Perhaps my musings will allow you to free yourself and find your own little piece of Me time.


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