Interior Design by A Little Bird Said

Design is not about Illusions of grandeur or exorbitant costs, it is the simple blocks upon which to build our own style. We are all collectors, we collect life, but our lives are all so different that we often have difficulty in fitting everything together, after all we do not want to live in rooms full of boxes and paraphernalia that leaves no space for us, the collectors.


We are continually driven by society to gain more, the bombardment of stuff an overload of the senses, magazines, tablets, adverts, fashion all vying for our attention, confusing our simple needs.


Where there is poverty there is simplicity. In Japan the beauty is in the simplicity of arrangement, less is more. Museums are full of collections they are of course the keepers of artefacts, but note they can only display a few at a time using designated cabinets and spaces. We should note this.

Our homes are as Individual as we are.


VINTAGE  and upcycled furniture, we are happy to help our clients to find those ‘one-off’ unique pieces that will really give their home the creative edge through scouring reclamation and salvage yards, auctions and flea markets to find these on your behalf.

Suppliers, Craftsmen & Artisans


One of our greatest strengths is the team of highly experienced local craftsmen we work with who are well recommended and work with professionalism and great attention to detail. These range from Graffitti artists to re-upholsterers & curtain makers, all Artisans in their own areas.

My service is special and a little quirky –

Gift cards for a special occasion of friend, what a lovely surprise to receive a hand drawn card almost collectors in pieces in their own right! with a gift of an Interior makeover for a room of their choice. Simple and beautiful.

The cost is £75.00

Please contact me to arrange     Tel: 07758219006

Andrea453 Hand painted Angel to watch over us.



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