Hats for spring

Hats for spring, a good title for a new venture.

Having made and created wedding dresses and adornments over many years, I have decided upon a new avenue for my creativity , hats! I adore hats and  really enjoy wearing them.  But each time I have worn one of my little hats, I have been blessed so many good comments and smiles. I have therefore decided to follow this new path. I have a wealth of experience in fashion, couture sewing and of course embellishments, which I can put to very good use.

I admit to doing a short Millinery course many years ago, which helped with my crafting and basics, but originality is all mine ! I have created two little mini hats t0 start with.

  1. Clara, oh such a sweet hat, that sits securely upon your head, and yes I have worn this out a few times and it stays where it should, phew one less obstacle to designing hats!
  2. Clara is made from a hand blocked base, made the proper way, with a silk doupion covering and binding, the colour variety is endless, but the pièce de résistance, is the vintage silk scarf, skilfully sewn into a silk rose. I have also added two silk roses at the side. The hat is lined with a splendid label.    Adorable Clara £185.00



Please let me know your views and of course if you would like to order, I would be immensely proud to create a hat for you.

“Little birds perch, but a hat should sing”

A Little Bird Said



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